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Why Choose Supreme Credit?


As a family-owned business, Supreme Credit reflects our core value of helping others learn how to capture the moment because it lives forever. We are focused on helping our clients build personal good credit and teaching the average family how to live their best life without putting a dent in their pocket. We are qualified because we’ve been there, and understand how difficult it can be to achieve these goals without the right financial strategy.

We started our business because life was rough for us. We were just tired of getting the same results after working paycheck to paycheck several hours a week, and still being too tired on our days off. The worst part is – we didn’t have the strength, time, or money to enjoy life. We wanted to reach financial stability, to be able to enjoy life and build memories with our children, Elohim and Zenobia.

Here’s what we’ve learned along the way: 25% Of the population has a credit score below 600 and are unaware of the benefits of good credit. Most people falsely assume that the only reason to have a good credit score is to lower the interest rates on your loans. While good credit certainly does this, there’s so much more.


People also believe you should save money for an entire year to enjoy a vacation, but we discovered how good credit can earn you tremendous cash back, free dining, flights, rental cars, hotels and more – making that vacation easier to pay for than most would assume. Let us help you achieve the same financial freedom. Once you feel it, we guarantee you won’t look back.


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